Hung(a)ry for a way out of the day-to-day bakery grind? Got a mouthful of dodgy molars? Then follow Bill Farnworth, a 58-year-old former bakery engineer from Hindley, who is upping sticks to an idyllic Hungarian village “complete with a deer forest and lake... part paid for by money he saved on his teeth,” reported the Wigan Observer. Desperate to cut his whopping £12,000 quote for dental work, he travelled to Hungary where he managed to halve the bill. He said: “I gave it a go and they said that while I was out there, why didn’t I have a look at the property market?” The £6,000-plus saved helped purchase a run-down property, which he converted into a plush home – worth the equivalent of £400,000 in the UK. But we can’t help thinking that if he’d taken Dr Allinson’s dental advice last week, he’d now be living in a castle.