Put on your comfy shoes, practise your German for "a large beer please" and get set for iba. The renowned German bakery exhibition takes place on October 3-9 in Düsseldorf.

Over 990 companies have booked over 123,000sq m of space. That’s a lot of walking. Machinery and raw ingredients will dominate, with many examples of energy-saving and finished products. But shopfitting and refrigeration will also feature strongly.

Plus there are all the ancillaries such as packaging and baking trays, not to mention action in the form of live bakery competitions between countries and seminars being planned with simultaneous English translations.

iba is designed to appeal to all sectors of the industry from the smallest craft baker up to the largest industrial baker. New machinery trends include energy-saving equipment, easier access for hygiene cleaning and smaller footprints.

Products trends include increased use of fresh fruit, and more use of malts, more wholegrain products, more nuts and seeds and the ever-increasing interest in gluten-free products.

Also, cafés and coffee bars are selling more baked goods - and craft bakers more coffees. So one area in Hall 11 will focus on coffee machines, accessories and coffee-making. It is worth looking at the iba website and doing some forward-planning, as such a big show demands good use of your time.

As it is 60 years since the first iba, any baker or confectioner celebrating a 60th birthday this year will be granted free admission for one day - but carry your passport, especially if you look youthful.


What’s on show

Many companies keep their new launches a well-guarded secret until the last minute, but here is a preview of some items on show.


JBT FoodTech/Double D Food Engineering, Hall 16 Stand A30

The UK designer and manufacturer of custom-built ovens and provers, Double D Food Engineering, has recently been acquired by JBT FoodTech and now offers complete in-line bakery solutions from a single source.

Just launched is a 3.6-metre wide Revoband Continuous Oven. All Double D ovens are custom-built using technology perfected for the meat and poultry industry. A solid belt version of the oven is also being developed.

JBT’s Frigoscandia brand will be featured with GYRoCOMPACT, its self-stacking spiral freezer, which can be integrated with Double D’s range of linear ovens to form complete in-line bakery solutions.


Rondo Hall 16, Stand C11/E12

The firm will be presenting its new branding and logo. The words comprise an amalgam of ROndo aNd DOge with the by-line

’Dough-how and more’. The claim symbolises Rondo’s decades of experience in dough sheeting and shaping pastries of all types, plus the manufacture of donuts.

Key equipment on show will be a multi-functional industrial bread line that will be deployed in Europe’s most modern bakery, currently being built in south Germany. Rolls seeded on both sides, plus baguettes and ciabatta are produced on this multifunctional line.

Rondo will also display new products for medium-sized and industrial operations in the areas of hygiene and cleaning, as well as the manufacture of croissants and other rolled products.


EPP based in Epsom, Surrey is representing a number of companies at the show.

König, Hall 17 Stand A31/B32, is using iba to launch a new high output automatic dough-dividing and rounding machine, developed following a major market research project. For now, it is called the Industrie Rex III, as the full name is being kept under wraps until the exhibition opens. Key features are time-saving and ease of cleaning. Also on show will be a final prover allowing individual proving plates to be stored for an individual time. This system meets the latest hygiene requirements and offers a large proving area in a small amount of space.


Comas, Hall 16, stand A11/B12, supplies depositors, injection machines and purpose-built automatic plant for pie and tart production. The company is unveiling a vertical injection machine for profiteroles, the DT-1000, which has an automatic loading system and can fill 16,500 pieces an hour.

And a new pie line will be unveiled - the LT-600 with a production capacity of 13,500 pieces an hour.

Other highlights include an industrial co-extruder complete with conveyor, gauging system and guillotine, designed for the production of filled smooth-mix cookies with two or three flavours and the latest compact Tartomatic - the 1000, for bakeries where space is at a premium. With additional tooling it can make pies, tarts quiches and cheesecakes.


Gasparin, Hall 16 Stand E30 is using iba as the launchpad for an industrial slicer with continuous blades, model 1700, connected to a new bagging machine and closing clip band the IMA35. This joins the company’s established range of slicing, flow-wrapping and bagging equipment.

Small craft bakeries can benefit from the company’s horizontal and vertical cutting machines.

Esteve, Hall 12, Stand C44, one of Europe’s top three silo manufacturers, has developed a novel system of managing dough rest times using radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. The system developed in conjunction with VMI can be seen for the first time.


VMI, Hall 12 Stand C17/D18, a manufacturer of mixers and automatic mixing systems, will be revealing two new major mixers.


MIWE, Hall 15 StandD11/F12, is focusing on live "international" baking. Visitors will be able to peek over the experts’ shoulders as they prepare, bake and present snack products and speciality breads. Celebrating its 90th anniversary this year, the company will also be showing the MIWE eco:Nova. This recently developed heat recovery system, in small and large-scale versions, is proving a major success with up to 25% of the energy used in baking able to be recovered in the form of hot water.

A new, versatile fully-automatic proving system can be set to temperatures from freezing to proving and can therefore be used both as a defrosting unit for frozen dough from central production first thing in the morning and as a proving unit during the day.


Minipan, Hall 16 Stand D29, which makes forming machines for the large-scale production of artisan and speciality breads is debuting its GRESEX 660 bread snack line, which has a maximum tray width of 660mm (26 inches). It uses the latest in touchscreen, computerised controls and the panel has a USB port and slot for a CF card, allowing software to be easily upgraded and recipes to be amended. The aluminium pivoting arm enables the machine to be used from either side.


Aasted DFT, Hall 11 Stand D48, is showcasing a steel band travelling oven that is claimed to consume up to 45% less electrical power than many rival systems. Called the Conny, the easy-to-clean modular oven can be gas- or oil-fired. At its heart is the heat transfer system, based on a balanced air velocity in the heat exchanger. Heated air is distributed to the top and bottom ducts, ensuring even baking, humidity and colouring of the products.


The Bakels Group of companies, Hall 16 Stand E11, is focusing on the two major growth areas in the bakery market - premium indulgence and healthy eating.

Making its debut will be Bakbel Europe, the group’s new Centre of Excellence for fruit products and confectionery glazes. Bakels sees "cost in use" as a key trend, as major supermarkets look for even sharper pricing. Two new premium products that demonstrate this are Baktem Super Roll Concentrate (5%) in paste form and Premium Roll Concentrate (5%) in powdered format. They offer excellent crumb structure, stay fresh for longer on-shelf and are used at only 5% of total flour weight, compared to standard usage of 8%.


Visitors to the Kaak Group, Hall 16, Stand E21, will be treated to a full working bakery installed by Europe’s largest supplier of bakery plant and equipment.

The company will demonstrate its range of equipment for dividing, rounding, first-proofing, moulding, final proofing, seeding, baking, depanning, conveying, cooling, freezing, handling, pan handling and crate handling, along with all the software support needed to make it work. The group, which is represented in Britain by Benier UK, is launching the DrieM sheet bread and pizza dough line, designed to automate the production of a wide range of artisanal breads and pizza crusts through sheeted dough technology. Four major product groups can be produced on the one line - cut, rounded and moulded bread products and pizza crusts.

Another highlight will be the firm’s range of ovens, including: Daub which pioneered the use of thermal oil ovens, saving customers up to 30% on their energy costs; MCS, a specialist manufacturer of industrial pizza ovens; and the Kaak Multi Step oven - a travelling oven that travels vertically rather than horizontally.


Rademaker, Hall 14, Stand A35/B36, will present its latest Crusto bread line producing a wide range of bread, pastry and even pizza products. The firm will also show its depositor range, the Radini laminator and croissant machine for medium capacities.


Italian firm Bassanina, Hall 12, Stand A41, will launch its new electrical deck ovens: Ecozoom and Ecopower.


German company Ireks, Hall 10, Stand E21/F22, is a leading international manufacturer of improvers, mixes and brewing malt. It will be presenting a new improver, initially for the German market.


=== Getting to iba ===

l Travel to Düsseldorf airport or city centre train station, called Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof

l From the airport take a taxi at approx E13, or bus 896.

l The ’Düsseldorf Messe’ trade fair centre, hosting iba, is about 10 minutes away from the airport or city centre station

l From the city centre station take the U78 or U79 metro

l Show admission or exhibitor tickets give you free local transport on trains and buses

l Admission tickets can be ordered online.



=== British exhibitors (source: iba) ===

AAK Bakery Services Hall 11, Stand C55

AB Mauri Hall 12, Stand A37

Ad Sales Associates Hall 10, Stand A10

Bakels Hall 16, Stand E11

Baker Perkins Hall 10, Stand C16

Berwyn Bakery Hall 11, Stand C46

BCCI Overseas Fairs Division Hall 11, Stand C54

Cereform Hall 12, Stand A37

CMC Daymark Ltd Hall 11, Stand C51

Dale Spiral Systems & Bakery Hall 10, Stand C10

Deighton Manufacturing (UK) Hall 14, Stand A39

Digitron Instrumentation Hall 11, Stand C49

FBS Prestige Hall 09, Stand B38

James Fleming & Co Hall 13, Stand B51/C52

Food Inspection Systems Hall 11, Stand C44

Gb Plange UK Hall 13, Stand A39/C44

Ibonhart Bread Packaging Machinery Hall 10, Stand E20

John Hunt (Bolton) Hall 11, Stand C52

Marathon Belting Hall 15, Stand C29

Mono Equipment Hall 09, Stand E30

Newsmith Stainless Hall 10, Stand E36

Petrie Technologies Hall 11, Stand C57

PME Arts & Crafts Hall 14, Stand E34

Pritchitt & Co Hall 11, Stand C53

Saturn Spraying Systems Hall 16, Stand E17

Spooner Industries Hall 10, Stand E17

Tom Chandley Ovens Hall 16, Stand F54

Turkington Europe Hall 11, Stand D10

Wire Belt Company Hall 11, Stand D57