It is the classic adage of every drug dealer to ’never get high on your own supply’ one which the management of America’s first ever ’caffeine bakery’ would be well-advised to issue to their bleary-eyed staff at the start of a 3am shift.

The year-old bakery, named A Snack in the Face, was originally targeted at students in Iowa, but is planning to go national with its caffeinated brownies, cookies and truffles, by expanding into manufacturing premises. Created for people who hate coffee but love caffeine, the bakers had to jump a number of hurdles to come up with something edible. Originally, the plan was to mix caffeine powder with water, but powdered caffeine does not dissolve in water and tastes like battery acid, crushed aspirin or varnish remover.

So how much caffeine can you get into a brownie and keep it palatable? Apparently, 400 milligrams, the equivalent of your average coffee chain brew, tasted grim and so they settled on 200mg, masked by sugar. "It’s exactly what grandma used to bake," explains its unconvincing creator Allison Nelson. "We’re not wrapping up caffeine in a health bar here. We’re wrapping it up in a home-baked treat. Isn’t it about time you have caffeine and it tastes good?" Frankly no, given the buckets of tea and coffee Stop the Week already puts away in an average day.