Stop the Week was fortunate enough to attend the IBIE bakery exhibition in that heathen den of iniquity, Las Vegas, last week (hey, it’s a dirty job).

There we had the rare opportunity to capture the lesser-spotted mullet on film. Increasingly shy of appearing in polite society, foreign trade shows offer one of the few opportunities of viewing the dying art of mullet hairdressing (short on top, razed at the sides, long in the back) first-hand.

Pictured is the best in-show, padding around its habitat, inconspicuously snapped with the help of a long-angle lens and the natural foliage of an exhibition stand.

and Oprah too

An even rarer sighting whilst on IBIE reporting duties was the unlikely appearance of Oprah Winfrey plus entourage, who rocked up in a convoy of gas-guzzling SUVs alongside a group of visiting bakery luminaries, who were taking time out at Yosemite National Park. Bridging the divide between British bakers and the billionaire talk show host was industry legend Colin Lomax of Rank Hovis, who’s shout of "Smile for England!" was duly greeted with an open-armed grin from Ms Winfrey.