Bio-Synergy, which specialises in functional waters, sports energy drinks and supplements, has added three new functional waters to its range. Bio-Synergy Fitness Water, Bio-Synergy Gym Tonic and Bio-Synergy Sub Zero, have been designed to help complement workouts.

The Sub Zero drink aims to boost performance and contains green tea, creatine, L-carnitine and L-glutamine. The Fitness Water has ben designed as a low-calorie drink, containing vitamins and L-carnitine, to break down body fat more effectively. The Gym Tonic aims to enhance energy, recovery, strength and performance after exercise. "Bio-Synergy is revamping the current functional water range to offer fitness enthusiasts a sports drink to keeps them energised throughout the workout," said Daniel Herman, founder of Bio-Synergy.

The drinks are available at Tesco.

RRP: £1.19 (500ml bottle)