New York is widely acknowledged as the epicentre of food-to-go trends. But here’s one we’re hoping won’t catch on in the UK: apple-smoked bacon, half-coated lengthwise by a layer of chocolate.

This is the brainchild of Michelle Garcia, co-owner of the Bleeding Heart Bakery, which has struggled to keep up with demand since launching this artery buster for Valentine’s Day. It is shifting over 20lb of choccy rashers every week. The bakery also makes bacon scones and truffles. "My wife has an obsession with bacon," said husband Vinny.

Shockingly, Amy Carter, of the International Culinary School at the Art Institutes International of Minnesota, said bacon is now even being added to chocolate chip cookies: "We’re starting to see bacon more and more in the mainstream than we ever have. I absolutely think it has transcended all the borders of what we think is normal."