Bread must have been on the minds of staff writers on publications up and down the country as a bakery theme emerged during a predic-table spate of ’hilarious’ April Fools’ Day spoofs.

While BB resisted the age-old temptation to post a made-up tale on, other publications were more than up for it. One local paper wrote that Redbridge Town Hall was to be renamed ’The Gateau’ as part of a new sponsorship deal with a Welsh cake firm.

A particularly lame effort was spotted on Contract Journal’s website - a site for the construction industry - which revealed exciting plans for a 42-storey office block called ’The Loaf of Bread’, to be built next to The Gherkin.

And gadgets website featured a story about The BBC iPlayer Toaster Edition - based on Auntie’s on-demand viewing website - after the BBC’s marketing team "identified breakfast television as an emerging market segment and asked the iPlayer team for something relevant".

The toaster featured built-in Wi-Fi for programme streaming and a 7-inch screen to view programmes. But where’s the joke? Sounds perfectly reasonable to us.