Kampffmeyer Food Innovation launched a new type of bran at the HiE (Health Ingredients Europe) exhibition in Madrid last month. Softbran Don Minus is milder in taste and displays a significantly better mouthfeel than conventional bran products, but has the same dietary fibre value, according to the firm.

Softbran Don Minus is a milled product made from germinable, healthy wheat. "While conventional bran displays a bitter taste and a rough, coarse structure, these disadvantages do not occur with Softbran Don Minus," said the firm, which claimed it can replace conventional bran in formulations easily and without further modifications. "It is especially suitable for fine baked goods such as bread for toasting."

In trials, bread (for toasting) which contained 5% Softbran Don Minus was described as aromatic and slightly nutty, with a fresh wholegrain taste, while the equivalent product with 5% conventional bran was perceived as neutral, plain, scratchy, spotty, slightly sweet and musty.