The election polls have been slammed this morning with media asking "how did they get it so wrong?", however a different tale can be told here at British Baker

In our election poll, we revealed that the bakers had placed the Conservatives out in front, commanding 48% of the vote.

This compares to other pollsters which deemed a Tory majority near impossible, with even the exit poll underestimating just how many seats the Conservatives would win. 

Several big names lost their seats in what has turned out to be a dramatic night for politics, and the remaining election results are still trickling in.

One thing that has been made clear is that it seems the Tories are set for victory - predicted to win narrow majority.

The poll was part of British Baker’s pre-election coverage, which aimed to gauge the views of the baking industry.

While our poll hit the Tory result on the head, it was not so flawless when it came to predicting the outcome for other parties. 

The British Baker poll found that UKIP comfortably came second with 24% of the vote while Labour trailed with 14%. The Green Party was close behind with 12%, while 2% of bakers remain undecided.

In reality, it was revealed this morning that UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage, failed to gain his seat in Thanet South. Farage vowed to resign as leader if he failed to enter the Commons, but has lost by almost 3,000 votes.

Despite this, UKIP has seen a ’massive’ increase its share of the poll, winning an estimated 13% of votes and prompting calls from party members for a change to the voting system.