British bakers and manufactu-rers have largely been unaffected by the Irish pork contamination issue, but a number of pork products have been recalled as a precautionary measure.

On Tuesday 9 December, the FSA released a list of meat processors in the Republic of Ireland affected by the contaminated pork as well as meat companies in England that have received affected pork products.

These include Kerry Foods (Manchester) and Northern Foods (Wakefield).

A number of firms, including Pukka Pies, Dickinson & Morris, Ginsters and Pork Farms, have confirmed they have been unaffected. However a spokesperson from Goodfellas said its Goodfellas Friday Fever Meateor pizza has been “withdrawn from all major supermarkets in the UK and Ireland as a precaution”.

A spokesperson for Tesco said the supermarket had already removed a small number of lines from sale in its British stores and is continuing to review its full product range. Both Asda and Sainsbury’s have put out a list of its recalled products and Waitrose has issued a statement on its website.

The full list of meat processors in the Republic of Ireland and affected meat companies in England can be viewed on the FSA’s website

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