There are still two days left in British Pie Week 2015 and British Baker has rounded up some facts about the UK pie eater. 

While 75% of UK consumers eat at least one pie a month, there are big regional differences, according to research by Toluna, commissioned by British Pie Week organiser Jus-Rol Professional.

Just 8% of people in the south eat more than four pies a month, compared to 11% in the North and Scotland, 20% in the Midlands and Wales and 33% in Northern Ireland.

Recently, an incensed citizen began a government e-petition to "make wrongly describing a casserole with a pastry lid a criminal offence". The petition gained 5,000 signatures, falling short of the 100,000 needed to be considered by parliament, but highlighting the importance of the pastry in a pie.

In the poll, 18% of consumers oped for a shortcrust pastry lid, 19% wanted a shortcrust bottom and lid, 26% would choose a shortcrust pastry bottom and puff pastry lid, but the winner was just a puff pastry lid with 37% of the vote.

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