You may be aware of secret dining clubs, where pop-up restaurants open for one-off banquets and intimate high-cuisine dinners. The same is now happening with cake.

The Clandestine Cake Club in Leeds is one such affair, offering a get-together for cake baking enthusiasts. Stop the Week signed up and can reveal that the next event is titled ’Sweet Valentine Cakeyness’, and will take place on 12 February. Venue details are to be revealed "nearer the time", but it’s apparently a "10-minute walk from Leeds Central train station with public car parking nearby".

Attendees are invited to bake a "cake to show your love and affection for baking with over-the-top hearts and flowers".

The organisers say: "We can even arrange to set up a cakey wedding proposal. Don’t worry, we are good at keeping it secret." Not when STW gets a whiff of it...