Britain’s road rage culture descended to new depths earlier this month when a woman threw more than a hissy fit in a Welsh cake shop.

On hearing the news that her favourite fairy cakes, ironically named Sweet Tooth, were sold out, the woman reportedly threw herself to the floor in anguish, then launched an attack on the store owner, smashed display cabinets and hurled cupcakes around before fleeing the Sugarswirlz cupcakery in Cardiff.

Perhaps the most disturbing element of this news is that she was accompanied by her two young sons, who emulated her charming behaviour by screaming and shouting in chorus. Police are searching for a "blonde and well-built" woman, and a businessman has stumped up £220 or 100 cupcakes to anyone who grasses her up.

The set-to has more than paid off, with blanket coverage from the BBC to The Mirror and The Daily Mail boosting sales. "It’s quite surreal," says owner Sally Dodd. "And it has attracted lots of people to the shop. Yesterday we sold 600 cakes, which is three times the usual amount."

The assailant was still at large, at the time Stop the Week went to press. Contact Cake Crimewatch with any information (and we may even share the reward with you).

Cake Crimewatch France

Le Parisien reported on a 64-year-old ’cake burglar’, who allegedly stole from up to 20 pensioners after feeding them cakes spiked with sedatives.

The cakey fiend met his 75-88-year-old victims on the street or in shops, he would apparently arrange to meet at their home for coffee and laced cake, having struck up a rapport. He would then proceed to snaffle cash and credit cards once they’d passed out.

The man, who operated in the Paris suburbs, was rumbled after a suspicious 88-year-old faked eating the cake and pretended to fall asleep, watching him scouring the flat for loot.

The moral of the story? Never accept cake from a strange Frenchman (no, they’re not all strange!)