The CakeyPigg Tea Room today will open on Saturday (21 June) at Cottismore Garden Centre Kingsclere near Newbury.

Known for its celebration cakes, CakeyPigg has relocated from Stratfield Saye and expanded with the purpose-built Cake Bakery and Tea Room. The site has an outside area in keeping with its year-round destination appeal.

The tea room will be open from Wednesday to Monday and serve freshly made savoury and sweet products, as well as daily specials, ‘toddler plates’, smoothies and cakes. Celebration cakes can still be ordered online.

“Both the Tea Room and the Garden Centre are blooming. Imagine treating yourself to afternoon tea surrounded by the aroma of summer flowers and fresh baking,” said Jen Wong, creative director at CakeyPigg. “We’ve been chomping at the bit to get cooking in our spanking new kitchen and look forward to making some tasty savoury bites as well as our signature cakes.”

CakeyPigg Originals was founded in 2009.