Cocoa and chocolate products manufacturer Barry Callebaut can now offer an extensive portfolio of products that are low in both saturated fats and trans-fatty acids.

Examples include its Tintoretto fillings for confectionery products, which have significantly reduced saturated fat content and are without hydrogenated fats. Other examples include several bakery fillings with saturated fat levels below 10% and the bake-stable barquette and pancake fillings range with less than 5% saturated fat.

Overall, the hydrogenated fat content of its products has been reduced from 47% to 20% while the company has also drastically reduced the trans-fatty-acid content of all vegetable oils in use since 2002 (from 6.1% to 1.3%). As a result, practically all trans-fatty-acids have been eliminated from the vast majority of its products.

Hans Vriens, chief innovation officer, said: "Developing healthier alternatives for standard confectionery products is part of our innovation strategy. That is why we consistently work to reduce saturated and hydrogenated fat usage and try to eliminate trans-fats altogether."