Chatwins bakery has seen sales increase by up to 40% since a major refit of its shops. 

Managing director Edward Chatwin told British Baker that, since refitting two of the shops, sales were up between 30% and 40%, and customer numbers were also up.

Chatwin also said that average customer spend had increased, due to the fact that more sandwiches were being sold now that they were made freshly on the premises. This is part of the bakery’s aim to improve its lunch and breakfast offering to appeal to the growing on-the-go market.

Around £100-150,000 has been invested in each shop refit, and Chatwin aims to complete the refit of four to five more shops by the end of 2015. The bakery also aims to change the signage and branding of all 24 shops.

The refits are intended to give a more modern look and feel to the bakery, and the firm has used market research and inspiration from other coffee shops and bakeries to create the looks.

Chatwin said: “Before this we were very traditional bakers, but we wanted to attract a different audience than we have done in the past.

“We are attracting a younger audience now, and a more male audience than we used to do, but it still appeals to people across the board and that is something that was key to us.

“We’re very happy with the overall effect of the shop, we have a good combination of bakery-feel, but also an environment in which someone who regularly visits Costa or Starbucks would feel comfortable.”

With the rebrand, the business has also launched a new website, and social media involvement has increased.