Zeelandia’s cholesterol-lowering bread Liv has been given the stamp of approval by Heart UK - a cholesterol charity.

Following an independent review by Heart UK’s scientific panel, Liv Bread has been awarded official accreditation by the charity. The review found that due to the inclusion of recommended levels of beta-glucan, it can be proved that eating the bread can actively lower your cholesterol.

The consumption of just 3g of beta-glucan per day has been shown to help reduce cholesterol.

Liv bread contains a minimum of 1g of beta-glucan per 50g.

Linda Main from at Heart UK, said: “We are extremely pleased to confirm that Liv Bread is being officially approved by Heart UK and is able to carry the Heart UK stamp of approval on-pack.

“Adopting new healthy habits, such as limiting saturated fat, eating foods that actively lower cholesterol such as Liv bread and being more active, can help you lower and maintain healthier cholesterol levels.”