Silly season has arrived in force. For evidence, you need look no further than The Herald in Scotland, which reported on another town collectively embracing its inner loon.

The United Parish of Carstairs in Lanarkshire is to be renamed Bethlehem for 24 hours, and nearby Carstairs Junction will be signposted Nazareth (yes, the council is in on this), as part of a day-long winter festival organised by one Rev Alan Gibson. He is taking the Christmas message to the streets on the back of camels in order to win back dwindling congregations.

And the inevitable bakery angle? Chocolate wafer maker Tunnock’s has baked up a batch of 2,000 wafers, relabelled from "caramel" to "camel", to hand out in the streets. Let’s hope it brings winter cheer not least to Tunnock’s itself, which was beset by staff strikes this year.