Bread is best when it’s just been made.

I like focaccia bread from Oak Street Bakery in Windermere, the Lake District, because it is made on the premises with black olives, olive oil, herbs and cheese.

The loaves are also quite big so I like to share them with the neighbours. The fudge cake is nice too because it is made from Belgian chocolate and in the winter I order my Christmas cake there.

What’s also quite good is that Morrisons do a ’pick and mix’ of buns so you can buy a variety, ranging from a Champagne yeast roll to a roll containing peppers.

Booths supermarket also do a nice walnut bread and the Co-op sell a tasty onion deli baguette.

I think that more things could be put in bread to make it tasty, like fruit and nuts. My teenage daughter and her boyfriend, however, simply like white, medium sliced Warburtons bread and no others, just as long as it is soft and white.

I worry that very cheap bread is made with more chemicals. I also don’t really like buying bread that has been put in a plastic bag - it changes the flavour of the bread. The bread tends to ’sweat’ when its packaged in plastic and I wonder if it increases the number of mould spores.

What fascinates me is that fresh bread from a bakery doesn’t go mouldy, just stale, but bread in plastic bags does.

Elaine Brown

Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

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