Forget cops and robbers, cops and doughnuts are two words that have gone together since the dawn of time. And this is now the name of a new doughnut shop in Clare City, Michigan - owned, that’s right, by cops. Only in America.

This joyous cohesion came about when the Clare City Bakery, around since 1896, came within weeks of closing down under its previous owners. So desperate was Clare City Police Department not to lose its favourite snacking spot, that all nine members clubbed together to save it.

You can even buy merchandise at the shop, such as a mugs, badges and t-shirts with slogans including: ’You have the right to remain glazed’ and ’Fighting crime, one doughnut at a time’. If only that were true! Or perhaps the staff make extra large ones and use them to lasso criminals? We’re sure they’ll be naming their doughnuts after America’s Most Wanted next, and hopefully not after the cops who own it, who have nicknames such as Grasshopper, Beaver, Squirt and Dog Man.

You can almost hear the delighted whoops of criminals across the city as, with all nine police officers in the area sure to be munching on a doughnut and sipping hot coffee, who’s going to be out on the beat?