Boreki are the best-selling savouries of the near and Middle East and are immensely popular with both locals and visitors. The concept is versatile, easy and inexpensive and they eat very well - cold, warm or hot. The pastry uses yoghurt, olive oil, eggs, and butter and is very tasty. It is rolled very thinly, and filled with small quantities of strongly flavoured fillings. These are then fried or baked and are great to eat. From the basic idea I have developed what I believe to be a snack of tremendous potential. While with Unilever, Tesco asked if I could develop an ambient stable snack, based on ravioli. I never achieved the eating quality, but I had not considered frying them. With fillings that are ambient-stable, Boreki variants could be a competitor in the massive crisp market. Knowledge of water movement and food technology is needed, but it can be done. Crispy Corners/Boreki BASIC DOUGH RECIPE kg % Egg 0.24 10.0 Salt 0.01 0.4 Yoghurt (full fat) 0.8 33.0 Flour (medium strength) 1.0 42.0 Butter (soft) 0.36 15.0 Total 2.41 100.0 METHOD 1. Whisk the egg, salt and yoghurt together. 2. Beat in the flour to form a smooth soft dough - the flour you use will determine the exact quantity. Aim for a silky texture. Allow this to stand 15 minutes or so. 3. Continue now as you would for English puff pastry; the butter should be spread evenly over two-thirds of the dough. Refrigerate for 60 minutes or more then give three or four half-turns. You will need to keep it refrigerated as it is soft, but do not be afraid of using loads of flour in rolling it out. I worked with Georges Blanc at Vonnas 20 years ago and he made the most wonderful full puff pastry in the same way, but with the amount of flour used in processing, probably reduced to little more than three-quarters. 4. Roll the dough as thinly as you can (a maximum of 2mm) and cut into 7cm squares. 5. Place the filling in the middle of a diagonal half, and fold to form a triangle, then seal the edges. Refrigerate or freeze until required. 6. Fry in good oil about 3cm deep, 180ºC for 5 or 6 minutes. Or they can be brushed with oil and baked in a hot oven - not as good but still delicious. The advantage of the fried ones is that they re-heat remarkably well in the microwave. Fillings suggestions ?Grated cheese with olive oil and dry mint ?Grated cheese with olive oil, onion and dill ?Raw ground beef or lamb with onion, salt and cinnamon ?Lumpy mashed potato with garlic, cheese and butter ?Keema curry, uncooked ?Minced chicken with a chopped onion, fresh coriander (or Porter foods version in oil), salt and white pepper Snack size 1.5mm-thick pastry, 7cm square: 16g Filling: 7g Total: 23g