The Readi-Bake range of frozen Petits Crolines is designed to produce fresh-tasting, quality nibbles for buffets.

From CSM UK, the line comes in boxes containing three different varieties of traditional flavours: mushroom & ham, salmon, and cheese; mushroom, cheese & ham and chicken curry; and Mediterranean vegetables, Greek-style cheese and stilton & apple. Each 1.98kg case of 30 miniature pastries needs to be stored at -18C and then baked from frozen for 20 minutes.

Another new launch is the Readi-Bake Hot Dog Lattice Deluxe, a bake-off product in cases of 48, that combines an American classic hotdog with a squirt of mustard, wrapped and baked in a lattice-topped pastry. CSM is also offering a ready-to-pin Puff Pastry Slab for caterers to bake from frozen.