CSM has launched a new range of Craigmillar Frostings for topping or filling cakes. The firm said the frostings range is suited to American-style products, such as cupcakes, brownies and whoopie pies.

The frostings contain natural flavours and are available in vanilla, chocolate and caramel varieties. They come in 10kg pails.

By the end of this month, CSM claims it will have eliminated azo colourants from its full product range, to cater for consumer demand for natural ’clean label’ products. It will replace the synthetic azo colourants with non-azo colorants.

CSM said the move anticipates a new EU regulation stipulating that products containing azo colorants be labelled with the following health warning: ’May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children’. The firm’s European research and product development teams have worked to address the technical challenges of replacing the azo colorants to ensure that product performance and flavour are not adversely affected and in particular the colour brightness and transparency of products such as Craigmillar Merjel jellies remain of the highest standard, said CSM.