We weren’t joking when we foretold of a cross-Atlantic cupcake arms race kicking off in July. To recap: the official Guinness World Record for the world’s biggest cupcake was broken in mid-July. Then it emerged that a cupcake was unofficially constructed in Covent Garden, London, one day earlier, which dwarfed the States’ effort (Guinness? Pah!).

The cupcake Cold War has since heated up considerably, with the latest effort on 15 August in Detroit weighing in at 555.197kg, smashing both the 68kg record of last month and the UK cupcake’s 150kg.

Now, it emerges that Kellie Allen of The Cupcake Café in Long Bennington, Newark, Notts, is going to ramp up the tension by facing off the Yanks, with her own record attempt set to coincide with our National Cupcake Week from 14 September.

"I’m getting a local company, called Laurens, to sponsor me. And my partner owns a truck body-building company, so he has a large oven I can bake it in," she tells Stop the Week.

"I’m also roping in a retired Italian baker who is going to work out how much mixture I need. I may get other companies to sponsor me and give the proceeds to a local charity."

Kellie admits to being behind on the organising as the small matter of giving birth to her second baby has got in the way. Quite literally. "I was in my cafe working when I went into labour so our nickname for baby Autumn is Cupcake," she says.

l If any readers would like to help out or sponsor, contact cupcakes@william-reed.co.uk.

l For details of the US record go to: tinyurl.com/mchflc