As a big fan of ex-BB columnist Dan Lepard, Stop the Week was amused to see a scuffle break out between him and Matthew Drennan, editor of Delicious - a magazine he contributes to (or should we say, has done) - on his Guardian baking blog.

The spat was over a Delia cake that looks suspiciously like his own. Here’s a heavily abridged extract:

DL: I looked at the cover of Delicious magazine this month and thought ’isn’t that?... it must be... no it’s not... surely they haven’t?’ ...The (Delia) lemon curd sponge looked just like the one I’d made and styled for the same magazine only last November...

MD: Perhaps you have some kind of intellectual rights on the assembly of the classic sandwich sponge with a cream and jam filling?

DL: Now you’re just getting bitchy. There are many ways to shoot a cake, many ways to fill it, many ways to style it, light it and top it. Why didn’t you use the method and styling suggested in Delia’s recipe?

MD: We are perfectly within our rights to style pictures as we see fit. May I point out that while the butter almond cake recipe is your