Prowrap has introduced the Speedwrap cling film and aluminium foil dispenser, specifically for the baking and catering markets.

It claims to be the smallest, neatest and most user-friendly dispenser on the market. The company says hand-tearing straight from the roll is tricky and can lead to ’scrunching’, while traditional commercial dispensers are bulky, heavy and can be complicated to refill. According to Prowrap, Speedwrap offers a number of benefits over hand-tearing: it protects the roll from damage and contamination, helps to eliminate wasted product and speeds up prep time.

Speedwrap comes in two widths, 300mm and 450mm, fits snugly around the roll of cling film or foil, and can be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

MD Graham New says: "The Speedwrap design team focused on two key areas: ensuring cutting was easy and safe, and making the unit as small and sturdy as possible. It is a simple product but it can make a real difference in a busy catering environment."