Drink Me Chai has added a new flavour to its range at Caffè Culture. Chocolate Spice Chai is made from a blend of cocoa and the traditional Chai blend of spices, black tea, and skimmed milk. It joins the existing range, which includes Spiced, Vanilla and Peppermint flavours.

"More and more operators are having to offer interesting options outside their core coffee and tea range, as customers are becoming more discerning and adventurous," said founder and owner Amanda Hamilton.

"We believe the Chocolate Spice Chai is not only a great product in terms of taste and quality, but also offers coffee houses the chance to establish themselves as a beverage innovator in an increasingly competitive market."

This product is currently only marketed at foodservice, in catering tubs. The cost price for cafés is 29p per 12oz serving portion and the end user would pay approx £2.20 for a Chocolate Chai in a café.

Cost: 29p/12oz serving portion