Easter inspiration With Easter just around the corner it’s time to look at the cake bucket list to find inspiration for this Easters cakes.

It’s funny although we’re nearing the middle of Autumn, we tend to follow the Spring inspiration that the UK and USA are enjoying. No Autumnal colours or styles for us. It’s all pastels and prettiness at this time of year.

Flowers (the sugar kind) are everywhere right now. But what I’m really fascinated with are rice paper flowers. Delicate, whimsical and naturally paper thin, you simply can’t get the same style with gum paste. Who would have thought to use rice paper? A medium that you’d think would hate water (it melts) is being airbrushed and cut and formed into some of the most beautiful flowers. Ingenious and so incredibly modern - I can’t wait for this look to go mainstream and hit the wedding circuit. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube if you’d like to have a practice. People are creating everything from dahlias to ranunculus in all sizes and colours; I can’t wait to see where else this trend goes.

Next on the list for Easter is Tracey Lau’s tree stump bunny bottom cake I’ve been obsessed with this cake for years. Unfortunately Tracey’s website is no longer active and she didn’t post instructions on how to make her gorgeous Easter cake when it was. Fingers crossed I get to cross this off my cake bucket list this Easter as it really is a timeless and classic cake. Hopefully this year I will have an excuse to make it.

However, we are about to fall down the rabbit hole, as researching for this article I discovered I’m partial to a bunny bottom. Cupcakes, cupcakes, and cupcakes, they’re all the same but slightly different and I love them all. So easy and cute, full of personality without any complicated modelling. There are also plenty of bunny tail biscuits to inspire, but no bunny tail cake pops. Hmmm, I think they sound perfect.

Recently, I’ve also seen a lot more carved bunnies appearing in my newsfeed. This bunny has been inspiring lots of work and his face keeps hopping into lots of other cake decorators’ work. He is incredibly cute and it’s perfect for someone just starting out with modelling. You can make him as easy or as complicated as you like and although not Easter this Thumper (from Bambi) cake is adorable as well (and perhaps her original inspiration, look at those cheeks!)

So there you have it plenty of Easter inspiration without so much as a chocolate Easter egg in sight! I hope you have a lovely and restful Easter break.

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