Erlenbacher has launched triangle cake slices, for the foodservice industry. The new cream and mousse cake triangles are small in size and available in a variety of flavours ranging from Strawberry Buttermilk, Raspberry Cream Cheese, and Tangerine Cream Cheese, to Chocolate and Nut flavours.

Sacher, a twist on the Viennese classic, is made with dark layers of sponge, filled with apricot jam and coated in a fine cocoa sugar glaze. Esterházy, features a spread of light nutty cream with ground nuts, combined with three rich hazelnut layers covered in chocolate shavings.

The Bee Sting, features cream pudding between two cake layers, covered in a blend of crushed almond and honey. And The Mozart, has a layer of nougat nestled between dark sponge, with pistachio marzipan covering the second layer, which is coated in a nut-nougat-cream, before bittersweet chocolate flakes and chocolate cream are spread across the outside.

The 12 pre-portioned slices fit together to make a conventional looking cake.