The winners of the Europain Innovation Awards and Intersuc Collections have been announced

Nine trophies were awarded by the selection committee – six Europain Innovation Awards and three Intersuc Collections.

Each of the nominees was given 10 minutes to convince the committee of their worth – they were judged on criteria including technicity, marketing aspects, organoleptic properties, nutritional qualities and practicality.

The selection committee was composed of bakery-pastry industry professionals and press representatives.

The awards ceremony will take place on 5 February. The products and equipment will be highlighted and promoted in the ‘Innovations and New Products’ section at the venue throughout the Europain & Intersuc event.

Europain Innovation Awards:

    • The gluten-free range (an individual plain roll, an individual seed roll, a pure butter sweet small brioche, and a pure butter madeleine) by Bridor
    • The Sublimes (chocolate chips) by Chocolat Weiss
    • Semi-candied orange and lemon by Les Vergers Boiron
    • Umami by Van de Leur
    • Jac Slim (slicer) by Jac Sa
  • Scaricool (dough scorer and carrier) by Merand Mecapate

Intersuc Collection winners:

    • Mascarpone by Elle & Vire Professionnel
    • Azelia 35% hazelnut and chocolate by Valrhona
  • Workbench (specially designed for ganache storage) by Panem