If you’ve ever wondered ’is there life after bakery?’ then the answer on last week’s evidence is ’yes’ if you’re BB’s favourite bakery-boss-turned-sports-impresario and a ’no’ if you’re the uppety fox who’s stepped into his crosshairs.

Step forward Dave "Bear Grylls" Brooks, former chief exec of Britain’s second-largest cake manufacturer Finsbury Foods. While he still keeps his toe in as non-exec director of Fabulous Bakin’ Boys, his day job these days is running Sussex County Cricket Club, where he is making life or death decisions.

The affable Brooks had to quell a small storm after sanctioning the shooting of a nuisance fox, which was threatening to derail the club’s start to the season by disturbing the pitch. In so doing he incurred the wrath of local animal-loving residents who called the police and protested at the ground in Hove.

"We have had foxes on the ground for many years, but this particular one had started to cause problems by scratching around on covers and acting oddly," Brooks told The Telegraph.

He was not allowed to rehouse the animal so brought in a licensed pest controller, he said.

Sounds reasonable enough. But should the top job ever arise at Fox’s Biscuits, Brooks need not apply.