Unifine Food & Bake Ingredients is promoting its hot cross bun dough recipe for Easter 2011, and says there is no bitter aftertaste from its bun spice.

Also available are recipes for Easter Sponge Cake, Easter Cupcakes and Egg-shaped Shortbread. These can be found in a selection of illustrated springtime recipes available now.

Sucrea Sumix Soft and Lemon Palermo flavouring come together with basic sponge ingredients to create a light and airy cake that can be crowned with a decorative chocolate flower. The sponge takes 25 minutes to bake and, once cooled, is cut in half, sandwiched with Delifruit Raspberry and covered with frosting. A collar of Sucrea Plain Chocolate Curls can be used to finish. The sponge recipe can also be used to create Easter Cupcakes. Swirl these with a topping of yellow or pink frosting, then decorate with sugar eggs or chocolate mini eggs.