What installed? Machinery Recipe formulation software

Why chosen? Fine Lady bakeries saw the opening of its new factory in Manchester as an opportunity to invest in traceability software. This guides the operator through the recipe process, ensuring product consistency in every batch. Fine Lady Bakeries decided to install recipe formulation software from AC Software Solutions.

What does it do? The system prompts the operator through every step of the recipe; it will not allow them to proceed until each ingredient is weighed to specific tolerances. When a recipe is complete, a bar-coded label is produced for traceability through the rest of the process. The system is linked back to an office PC as standard. This allows all database management to be done in the office. Reports include actual cost for making recipes and re-order levels of raw materials.

Tech Spec: The operator-friendly 17-inch touchscreens ask the operator to enter lot numbers for each ingredient, ensuring a complete audit trail in the event of a product recall. The software can incorporate quality assurance (QA) prompts at timed intervals, allowing QA checks to be automated and not overlooked by busy production staff. Integration to any third party accounts package allows costing analysis. A leading recipe formulation system was also analysed, but Fine lady considered the solution by AC Software Solutions a far more user-friendly and flexible system.

Problem solved? The recipes are displayed on the weighing terminals alongside a production plan, if required. As the operator proceeds through the recipe step by step, the program monitors each stage to eliminate errors. This ensures each recipe cannot be completed unless the correct ingredients are added at the correct weight. This results in no more ruined batches, which can be costly, as well as complete traceability.

Supplied by: AC Software Solutions