The Food Doctor is making a break from the health food aisles with a new range targeted at the mainstream sector. The new line-up features several bakery items including bread, bagels, pittas and wraps.

The firm said its move into the mainstream aisles reflects the fact the health and well-being categories are no longer considered niche. To develop the new range, it teamed up with UK food suppliers, including Maple Leaf Bakery UK for the bagels and Rivermill for a number of its other bakery products.

"This move is also designed to bring down the retail price of The Food Doctor range, to help make it more accessible to consumers, with each individual manufacturer acting as a licensee for the brand, being responsible for its distribution and sales," said the firm.

The new products will also feature the new Food Doctor livery, as well as a new strapline, ’Eat Better Forever’.

By the end of February, around 20 new Food Doctor products will be available in major multiples, with around 50 of them expected to be on-shelf by the end of the year.