Machinery: Schubert TLM (Top Loading Machine)

Why installed: Ginsters’ bakery in Callington was extended to include a new 300m2 packing facility.

How it came about: Two Schubert machines have been in operation at the site since 2007, but Ginsters wanted to add a third automated packaging machine to pack its Cornish pasties and savoury snacks.

What it does: Up to 400 products a minute are packed by the new machine, which incorporates a vision system for checking product shape and surface decoration, so that any misshapen or broken goods are rejected before the final packaging process. Empty display trays are loaded on to a conveyor by a Schubert TLM-F2 robotic arm that removes them from a storage station with a special swiveling tool. At the same time, products are fed into the system from an upstream line.

A Schubert TLM-F44 robot equipped with a vacuum gripper tool is used to pick and place products into the display trays, which are then transported on a conveyor to the next stage of the packaging process.

Problems solved: Efficiency has been improved and costly, non-value added activities such as manual packing, have been eliminated.

Supplied by: Schubert