Equipment manufacturer Starfrost and parent company Star Refrigeration have joined forces to launch a new range of equipment called Glacier.

The line combines a spiral freezer and refrigeration plant in one package.

The spiral system is suitable for freezing or chilling items, such as pizza, pastry products, desserts and meat and poultry and fish. Each Glacier package is designed, manufactured and installed to meet individual cooling requirements, with a dual-purpose freeze/chill operation available.

Glacier features a range of spiral systems and associated refrigeration packages, with cooling capacities from 75kW to 450kW. Available with a range of belt sizes and tier heights, it can be designed to process from 500kg/hr, to over 6,000kg/hr.

"Glacier’s cooling system operates with natural refrigerant ammonia," explained Star Refrigeration sales and marketing director Rob Lamb. "This results in excellent operating efficiency, with zero environmental impact in terms of ozone depletion and global warming. The spiral unit and refrigeration plant are designed to work in complete unison and offer a cost-effective, energy-efficient and flexible solution."