Droppa & Droppa Specialist Foods the gluten-free training company, has launched its new campaign to help caterers provide for gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free customers.

The Keep It Simple & Safe campaign, known as KISS, is encouraging coeliacs to send gluten-free Christmas-inspired recipes to the company, to post on its website.

Jocelyn Droppa, one half of Droppa & Droppa, said: “As a manufacturer of food, I totally understand how difficult it is to cater for special diets when you have to serve over 200 covers at once. So, I have produced some gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free alternative recipes for caterers. 

“All the dishes are ‘naturally’ gluten- free and use regular kitchen ingredients, so there is no reason why these dishes (or similar ones) shouldn’t be on the menu for all diners to eat, not just coeliacs. They are not intended to be followed to the letter – more inspirational than anything else.”