As we transition from the hot and steamy days of Summer into the more tranquil, breezy days of Fall, our taste buds are slowly beginning to prep themselves for a transition of their own. Come the new season we will trade in our lazy days filled with strawberry jams and lemon curds for more soothing and nostalgic aromas of pumpkin spice, almond and hazelnut, all reminiscent of a childhood spent in an autumn kitchen.

Many of Chicago’s buzzing bakeries will soon update their menus to not only reflect the flavors of the season, but to reflect one of the city’s most anticipated holidays: Halloween! Chicago is well-known locally for its heavy Halloween promotion and it’s such a hit that locals know it as "Chicagoween." There are venues for all ages, ranging from hay rides to face painting, haunted houses to movie showings. It’s a time for fun, festivities, and lots and lots of sweets!

Sprinkles Bakery, located in Chicago’s historic Gold Coast, will be cranking out their special set of "Boo Boxes," which are filled with Vanilla Milk Chocolate, Red Velvet, and Caramel Apple cupcakes fully decorated with an array of ghosts, goblins, and other bits of Halloween sugary goodness. Or, if you are looking for something particularly festive, yet not big on the holiday itself, feel free to swing by Hoosier Mama Pie Company, located in Ukrainian Village, where you can grab a slice of their seasonal pies, ranging from soothing pear all the way to a slice of wistful cranberry.

So, as you begin to pack away your swimsuits and bid your flip flops farewell, - I know it’s hard! - remain optimistic and look forward to all of the fun, sweets, and delicacies that the new season has to bring.

About TK
TK‘s love for cake decorating came by accident when she bought a YouSwoop (local deal promotion) for a cake decorating class in Chicago. She learned how to make sugar flowers and was soon taking Wilton (cake shop and school) classes, reading every cake design book she could get her hands on, and trying every recipe she could.