Ok, the UK’s first-ever 18+ pop-up cake shop has come and gone and the ’good taste’ bar has been officially set to a backbreaking limbo low. Opened for the Halloween weekend only, Eat Your Heart Out was the first bakery shop in recent memory to operate a one-in, one-out door policy, as punters flocked in for a series of treats that put a new spin on the phrase ’sickly sweet’.

The cakes even infiltrated cosy sofa-warming chat show, The One Show, with guest Dawn French recoiling in shocked hysterics at the sight of Holly Andrews’ intimate body part cupcake creations, which were censored to the camera. We’ve pictured her bath murder scene cake here (the ones French saw were far worse trust us). Remarkably, Andrews is a first-time cake baker and decorator. Also pictured is a ’Psycho to-do list’ cupcake from Reading-based cake designer CakeyPigg. Please don’t have nightmares they’re just cake!