HGCA has worked under its milling wheat export classifications ukp and uks for 10 years.

It will celebrate the milestone at this year’s Cereals event on 11 to 12 June in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

The classifications were rolled out in 2004, following repeated industry consultation to help establish and maintain export markets for UK milling wheat. They were developed to meet the specific requirements of export markets and now form part of the HGCA Recommended List.

Ukp is a hard wheat classification used in the making of bread and uks is a soft wheat classification used for making biscuits or blending for bread-making. Since the new classifications came in, wheat from UK growers has been exported to 53 different countries with 20 ukp and 31 uks varieties have been listed on HCGA’s Recommended List.

Sarah Mann, HGCA’s exports manager, said: “Over the past 10 years, 23.2 million tonnes of wheat have been exported from the UK. With typically 16% of wheat going for export each year, it is essential that HGCA continues to grow new markets for grain by adding value to surplus production, while developing and maintaining export markets. This is a long-term initiative which involves HGCA working alongside industry to ensure our supply chain meets the demands of overseas buyers.”