NAMB members may have been concerned about reports that the EU is planning to outlaw the sale of goods as measured by units, insisting that all goods are sold by weight only. So the description of "four hot-cross buns", for example, would become illegal and be replaced with a catchy label stating "100g of hot-cross buns".

At present, each country is allowed exemption under existing EU food directives, but proposed food labelling regulations, due to come into force next year, have made no such provisions.

How has this been allowed to happen? It is apparently an oversight in the EU Food Labelling Regulations. The legislation has been described as "absolute madness" by many food industry experts and will lead to customer confusion.

During the forthcoming months the NAMB will be making strong representation to MEPs, opposing these changes and lobbying to ensure that the right for exemption continues for our members.

Mike Holling

NAMB chairman