The Government of the United Kingdom recently issued guidelines to encourage consumers to reduce their intake of saturated fat and added sugar. Specific to the food industry, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) consultation has set forth proposed recommendations for segments across the industry to reduce saturated fat and to increase the availability of healthier options and smaller portion sizes in savoury snacks. The Agency’s recommendations speak specifically to saturated fat levels in biscuits, cakes, pastries, buns, chocolate confectionery and soft drinks.

These recommendations are the second of two consultations, proposing voluntary action to reduce saturated fat and calories in foods. Since first issuing recommendations in 2008, the Agency’s aim has been to help consumers reduce saturated fat in their diet and balance the amount of calories they consume with their needs. The FSA’s goal is to reduce diet-related cardiovascular diseases and decrease obesity rates to help people live healthier lives and reduce lifestyle-related healthcare costs.

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