By Max Jenvey of Oxxygen Marketing Partnership, a strategic management agency that works on brand development in the bakery, foodservice and convenience retail sectors


More facts, insights and selling strategies in from Café+ Live included how to set up a successful food-to-go (FTG) offer.

First of all, who are the FTG consumers? Dave Marshall from Market Fresh, one of the UK’s leading food-on-the-move innovators, tells us we must take two main shopper groups into account: the premium consumers for example, white van man and travelling executives; and the value consumers for example, school kids and local retail workers. Together these groups make up 73% of all consumers, 19% of them buy food on the move three or four times a week and 49% have FTG on a regular basis (between one and three times a week). These statistics are also supported by our colleagues at him!.

That is outstanding news, as 21% of these customers buy from local bakeries and 28% from a convenience store, Marshall reveals. There are just three simple steps to success: understanding who your customers are, finding out what they want and translating this information into your offer and service.

Focus on different customer segments, such as travelling executives, white van man, shop workers, mums with kids, pensioners and office workers. Conduct your own mini market research study, keep a notebook by the till and note down the different types of customers visiting your store across a normal week, excluding holidays, and ask your customers what they are looking for; also review your sales per hour to understand when your busiest periods are.

Next, establish the perfect match between your customer demographics and your bakery offer armed with your research. For instance, if your bakery or convenience store is a target for morning commuters, you need to focus on anything and everything to do with breakfast delicious sausage rolls, bacon and cheese turnovers, mouth-watering cinnamon swirls, warm seeded breads or even humble toast which are easy to take away and can be served quickly.

And finally don’t forget to offer an amazing quality coffee to sit alongside your delicious bakery, sandwich and snacking ranges; simply use the information you have gathered to turn your offer into a competitive advantage.