Prices of Ludlow’s Peter Cook delivers a delicious Rye-Wheat, Macadamia and Sultana Bread for the third and final part of our special macadamia bread recipes, devised by three UK artisan bakers in association with The South African Growers’ Association (see British Baker, 14 August pg 19 and 28 August, pg 16).

Rye-Wheat, Macadamia and Sultana Bread

By Peter Cook, Prices of Ludlow

To make 10 small loaves, or six large or approximately 80-90 small rolls


White sponge (or fermented dough from previous day)750g

Strong white flour1kg

Light rye flour1kg

Warm water1,400ml


Salt40g (50g if using saltless sponge)

Vegetable oil50ml

Macadamia nuts400g



1. Mix the strong white flour, rye flour, water, yeast, salt and sponge or fermented dough from previous day to form a dough.

2. After the mix has come together, add the vegetable oil, then gently mix in the nuts and sultanas.

3. Bulk prove for an hour in a warm, draught-free place.

4. Just as the surface of the dough is beginning to crack, scale it. Leave them for short, intermediate proof of approximately 15 minutes

5. As soon as they are soft enough, mould into the "torpedo" shape. Flatten dough before tucking in the sides to make a boat-like shape. Fold the sides together before rolling on the board to seal the dough.

6. If possible, arrange on couche cloths before leaving for a final proof of about 45 minutes.

7. Move them to the oven just as the fine surface-cracking is beginning to show. Dust with flour and slash three diagonal cuts across their backs or one long slash down their length.

8. Bake at 220-225°C for 25-35 minutes.

l Note: To make small rolls, use approximately 50g portions and mould in the same way.