Spanish refrigeration firm Infrico has launched the Aries series of display units to showcase a variety of products.

A modular range with varying temperature options, it can display pastries and cakes (+4C to +8C), breads (neutral), chocolates and sweets (+7C to +12C with humidity control to 60%), ice creams (-15C to -18C) and even hot foods with an integrated bain marie (+70C to +90C).

With a laminate plate exterior and high grade AISI 304 stainless steel interior for optimal hygiene, the Aries units are available in a variety of sizes, with internal storage options and quartz servery counter tops. Other benefits include open and closed corner units for tight or awkward spaces, piston-opening curved front glass panels and flat sides for easy cleaning and maintenance, with lights in every shelf and at the front.

Operators choose which units they want, which are pre-assembled and levelled at the factory before being crated separately, enabling them to be positioned in-store with minimum fuss.