SIAB, the Italian bakery show, which rotates with Germany’s IBA and France’s Europain, takes place next month, May 5-9, in Verona, writes Sylvia Macdonald.

SIAB stands for Salone Internazionale di Arte Bianco, literally the international showcase of white art. Of course, bread these days is also brown, seeded and, together with cakes, raw ingredients plus machinery it means the ’Salone’ contains more colours than a rainbow.

Most people go to an exhibition to see what is new, be it a product a method or a piece of equipment. The trouble is that few, if any, exhibitors announce their launches beforehand, because it would give their competitors a chance to trump them.

Pizza will play a part, as will, to a lesser extent, pasta. But SIAB is principally about bread, cakes, ingredients and machinery and, for additional ideas, the demonstrations (see opposite) might reveal something new.Accademia del Pane

The initiatives promoted by Accademia del Pane will be presented at SIAB in Verona from 5 to 9 May, 2007. The ’Accademia del Pane’ (Bread Academy) teaches a new way of creating recipes, with a careful eye for the function of food, consumers’ health and the simplification of natural yeast management.

Bakers who complete the course held by Accademia del Pane earn the 3 ’bighe’ (previously kneaded doughpiece), an accolade they can wear on their work uniform to show their quality.

One of the Accademia del Pane’s sponsors is a mill with an ancient tradition that has been producing flour in Italy for over a century. Molino Quaglia stands out for the quality of its flour, the selection of the grain and its milling know-how. But it also likes to help bakers sell bread - and more than bread.

"In Italy, traditionally, bread plays an essential part in our diet," says Chiara Quaglia, managing director of Molino Quaglia. "But nowadays, artisan bread needs to be promoted and presented properly to the end-consumer who, otherwise, would go for industrial products, perhaps long-life.

"In the past few years, artisan bakers have experienced a drop in demand and haven’t been able to adapt, in most cases, to the changed dietary habits of customers who eat out increasingly often - either because of work or just because of different lifestyles. Today, modern Italian bakers, the far-sighted ones, aim to sell and offer products that complement bread and can also be consumed inside the baker’s shop."

In other words, artisan bakers start to understand that, to sell more, they have to offer their customers not only bread, but also a valid alternative to fast food and breakfast and standard takeaway - for example, bread served alongside salad dishes, with savoury meats; and buttered or drizzled with olive oil and herbs, to accompany cheese.

"Molino Quaglia has always paid attention to market trends in order to be in a position to help its customers with suggestions about which choices to make," says Quaglia. "For instance, we publish on our website - [] - a two-monthly newsletter for customers, with news going from production to marketing. And we sponsor the Accademia del Pane project, to give bakers real support in their modernisation." n


=== Rustico ===

recipe by Marinato Ezio

Dough recipe



Mix all the ingredients apart from the salt and the oil, which will be added once the mixture is formed. Allow to rest for 60 minutes.

Make 500g loaves. Form elongated shapes and press half the loaf after 10 minutes, make into a plait and insert into the other half of the loaf previously pressed.

Place on the boards and allow to rise at 28?C for 60 minutes. Bake with steam at 230?C for 40 minutes.


=== VeronaFiere welcomes British visitors to SIAB, May 5-9, Verona ===

SIAB is here for the eighth time and I would like to offer a special welcome to British visitors and readers of British Baker. Bakery is not just about products, but a whole culture in Italy. Many of our breads and rolls have become increasingly popular in Great Britain and we are pleased you enjoy them. Here, bread is regional and each region has its own specialities. Health and natural products are on the agenda too, so you will see cereal breads and inclusions on show.

I hope British visitors will enjoy our cakes and desserts also. In Italy, buying cakes for the family on a Sunday morning is a tradition and our desserts are much more than tiramisu. In Italy we like to innovate - and that includes the latest pizzas and a new eco-friendly oven that is economical to run.

So I hope SIAB is a venue where you will find innovation and enjoyment. For more information, please do look at our English SIAB website - []. We look forward to welcoming you.

Flavio Piva, co-director general


=== SIAB demonstrations highlight Italian expertise ===

Saturday, 5 May: Pastry decorations by Pierpaolo Magni, academic ’maestro’ and professor at CAST Alimenti; the creations of Carmelo Sciampagna, winner of the Italian Chocolate Master at Sigep in Rimini; cutting fruit and vegetables for pastries and breads by Vincenzo Martella

Sunday, 6 May: The challenges facing a baker, with a close focus on innovations - Roberto Carcangiu, partner of Food Design research laboratory and pastry chef Pierpaolo Magni, who blends innovation and tradition. ’Sweet and savoury’ - cakes, pies and finger food, with a selected audience to vote for their favourite recipes. Other participants include the national pastry team, who won third place at the Coupe du Monde in Lyons, and pastry chefs of the Italian National Team, winners of the World Culinary Cup in Luxembourg.

Monday, 7 May: The national bakery teams involved in the ’Mondial du Pain’ and European Championships with artistic, Viennoiserie, sweet and savoury

’focacce’. Special bread - both

sweet and savoury - for the best pairings with dishes.

Tuesday, 8 May: Pastry decorations by Pierpaolo Magni; the creations of Carmelo Sciampagna; cutting fruit and vegetables by Vincenzo Martella.

Wednesday, 9 May (morning only): Pastry decorations by Pierpaolo Magni; the creations of Carmelo Sciampagna; cutting fruit and vegetables by Vincenzo Martella

Other events: Two bakery shows are taking place simultaneously in Italy. AB tech expo takes place on the same dates, May 5-9, in Milan at Fiera Milano. Trains run between Verona and Milan Central Station, where the metro then takes you to the Rho Fiera showground. AB tech expo takes place alongside Tutto Food, an all food show.