Herma UK is promoting its Herma 040M as the labelling system for wrap-around labelling. The 040M high-speed system is suitable to use with bakery food products. It can process products with diameters from 16-75 mm, with a height of up to 210mm. Labels with a width of up to 160mm can be applied either as a single label or two labels in orientation to each other around the circumference of the product and at speeds of up to 140 products per minute. The model is constructed from components from the Herma 400 range and can be tailored to suit the operator’s requirements on controls, performance specification and budget.

"The machine incorporates a unique intermittently rotating star wheel to transport containers through the labelling and inspection stations," said the firm. "Products are tracked throughout the system using a shift register, with optional print and code monitoring controls available to guarantee total product security."