Machinery: Vantage System

Why installed: Jacksons wanted to upgrade to a state-of-the-art recipe formulation system, which could guarantee every batch was right first time. So it decided to upgrade its Stevens Recipe Formulation and Average Weight Systems to the latest ’Vantage’ Systems, from Dataprocess Stevens.

What it does: Its function allows the daily production requirements to be pulled from their Sage Line 500 enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, which are then displayed on the Vantage touchscreen, so operators can select from the list of requirements, eliminating the need for a paper production schedule or a manual transfer of production data to a database.

Tech spec: Lot numbers for each of the raw ingredients are recorded on the system, providing a comprehensive audit trail. Information relating to lot number, batch number, ingredient usage and operator productivity is captured and sent to the SAGE line 500. Once the batches have been weighed, mixed and baked, finished loaves are sampled using the Vantage average weight/SPC system. Weights are recorded and a pass or fail scenario is presented to operators.

The latest integration with SAGE line 500 means it has one source of information.

Problems solved: The system eliminates human error, by prompting operators through the recipe formulation process, one ingredient at a time. This ensures weighing tolerances are met and no over- or under-weighing happens.

Supplied by: Stevens Group