Kluman & Balter (Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire) has launched a range of speciality bread mixes, which include dark rye, light rye, sunflower and cereal grain breads, as well as continental styles such as a Pia Do mix for tomato bread and a ciabatta mix.

The Kaybee range uses bread dressings from caraway to sunflower, sesame and blue poppy seeds.

The firm also reports an increase in demand for its ethnic breads, tortillas and wraps, as well as wholegrain breads packed with nuts and seeds.

"At Kluman & Balter we aim to make sure the bakers won’t be left behind when the demand shifts from sweet honey and sunflower seed bread to savoury olive ciabatta or any other recent fad," says MD Danny Kluman.

Kaybee also offers bread plant ingredients from divider oil to all-vegetable bread fat, plus a range of seeds and dressings.