Kluman & Balter (Waltham Cross, Herts) offers a large range of cake and bread mixes suitable for smaller craft bakeries and larger volume production methods. “The great thing about our premixes is that they can also be used as a base to which extra ingredients can be added for more individual and adventurous lines,” says Kluman & Balter managing director Danny Kluman. “This allows bakers to match their products to the demands of their customers and to create their own signature recipes.”

In its cakes premix range, Kluman & Balter can supply brownie mix, plain sponge mix, chocolate sponge mix, doughnut mix, muffin mix and scone mix. Specialist products include ginger cake mix, carrot cake mix, Madeira cake mix and banana cake mix (all 12.5kg).

For the bread market, the company offers ciabatta mix, pumpkin bread mix, sunflower bread and rye bread, all 25kg. The firm works with bakers to develop recipes with specific taste requirements, as well as helping with production methods and suggesting new recipes.